This Is the Year I Love Like Jesus

So exactly how did Jesus love so well?

Has Anyone Ever Seen Eros Without Agape?

Without agape, eros becomes merely physical. Like David with Bathsheba, in 2 Samuel 11.

We go through many chapters in our married life. Without agape, those non-eros chapters loom as the premature ending to the book – the marriage. Only agape can span the whole book!

The danger to an eros relationship without agape is when you lose your looks or your ability to have sex. Then what do you have?

Eros alone won’t cause a 20-something young lady to do what Larissa Murphy did. Read her story here.

Ever Seen Philio Without Agape?

Without agape, philio easily becomes cliquish, and often turns into favoritism or manipulation

It often devolves into liking only those who look and act like you, or only those who like doing what you like to do.

Isaac & Rebekah, even though a family, are good examples because they each chose the son most like them, and that they could get the most from. Genesis 25:19-28

That is philio without agape! Loving those like you that you can get something out of!

Read Maximilian Kolbe’s story – this is agape-based philio!

Ever Seen Storge Without Agape?

Without agape, storge devolves into all manner of family dysfunctions.

There ends up being more emphasis on appearances, often even making fake memories, rather than making a true family!

But Agape is:
Selfless, without expectation, sacrificial
Unconditional, regardless of the past
Is not earned or deserved
Driven by the belief that there is something bigger than oneself
A willful choice, an exercise of the will

And true philio, storge and eros are the fruit of agape! Great romance, and great friendships and great families are the result of a heart full of and acting out of Goldy love!

John 15:13

Romans 12:1

But the greatest love is when we give up our time, energy, labor, money to see someone come to Jesus!