This is the Year I Listen to God

As Christians we have a responsibility to listen to God

Jeremiah 33:3

Rude and Mean
God is so demanding of how we live our lives, what we do with our money, our relationships, right?

God is God, Not Just a Wise man
More and more people today just don’t get that Christianity is not a belief system, or a list of ideals that you pick and choose.

Christianity is the belief that God created everything and is sovereign, sent His Son to bring us back to Him through His own sacrifice, because He desperately wants relationship with us, He wants to be involved in our lives, He wants to help us and guide us, warn and protect us, etc.

Isaiah 30:21

Listen to God. Don’t feel your way!

“The Lord told me” is no substitute for ”The Bible says.”

Voddie Baucham

Our feelings are not the earmark of God’s direction. We confuse emotion with God’s leading. But motion can be a counterfeit, a cheap copy of how the Holy Spirit will lead us into truth and God’s will.

Remember when Jesus was 12 in Luke 2:41-52. Mary and Joseph FELT like Jesus was close by. They felt. They didn’t know. Jesus said they should have KNOWN!

How to hear God more clearly
– Increase your regular intake of His Word
– Decrease your intake of things opposed to His Word
– Increase the time you spend talking to AND listening to God
– Expect confirmation