Sermon Notes


Luke 8:22 Jesus wants to take us somewhere. He is not content for us to stay where we are, as we are. There is no reason given as to why Jesus took His disciples to the other side of the lake. Jesus doesn’t just plan, He orchestrates! Personal growth requires opportunities outside your norm Across … More

ThanksLiving – Week 3

ThanksLiving is a lifestyle of appreciation How long is the grace that is said over your Thanksgiving meal?How much does the average Christian pray?How much time does the average Christian spend in church, groups, outreach, etc?How often does the average Christian read the Bible? How often do you stop to say “Thank You” to Jesus … More

ThanksLiving – Week 2

Let’s talk about the election, from what the Bible says about it: 2 Peter 1:10-11 I am certain God is more concerned with how you are living out the Great Commission than how you vote in November! Matthew 28:19-20 “What I’ve discovered is that the more I give attention to what God is doing in … More

ThanksLiving – Week 1

Thanksgiving is more than a meal or spending more for dinner. It’s not even about family – not really. And it should be more than a day! THREE BASICS ON GIVING 1. Trusting Psalm 24:1 2. Proportionality Malachi 3:10 Four promises follow that!There will be food in His houseGod will open the windows of heaven … More


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