Reclaiming Purity

God has been putting people together in relationships since the beginning!Adam and Eve – Genesis 2:22Kids and parents – Psalm … More


WHY GROW GROUPS?To help us Grow! Spiritual disciplines:study the Biblepray and fastfellowshipworshipgivingservingreaching out to others Find your Grow Group But … More

The Awesome Thing

Acts 1:8Wow, power from God! But this power, it’s not about me! Acts 1:9-11They were standing around gawking, straining to … More


Faith, true faith, always leads to action!– If we truly believe sin is destructive, eternity is forever, and the blood … More

Reclaim the Vision

We aren’t here just to be. We have a purpose as a church.– Exalt God – 1 Peter 2:9– Help … More

Christmas Lights

“Advent is a special time when we anticipate our favorite stories about Jesus’ birth, but if we do it right, … More

Christmas Lights

If you are comfortable in this world, then I encourage you to ignore Advent. Christmas is the holiday for you. … More


Luke 8:22 Jesus wants to take us somewhere. He is not content for us to stay where we are, as … More

ThanksLiving – Week 3

ThanksLiving is a lifestyle of appreciation How long is the grace that is said over your Thanksgiving meal?How much does … More