This is the Year I Go Deeper

Luke 8:4-8

According to Jesus, the author of the parable, the seed is the Word of God – verse 11

*Note: The full explanation of this parable given by Jesus is found in verses 9-15.

Scenario 1. Those for whom the seed didn’t change their week.

The length of impact of the Word of God on their lives is so minimal because their time investment is minimal.

Scenario 2. Those for whom the seed didn’t change their life.

They still fall to the same temptations, still use the same coping mechanisms, still believe what they’ve always believed.

Scenario 3. Those for whom the seed didn’t change their heart.

Luke 12:34

Scenario 4 is the hope in Luke 8:15!

It’s the difference in liking Jesus’ words, or the ideas of His plan, and embracing the Truth.

Am I interested in hearing something I like, something that makes me think or feel deeply, or do I want to hear something that changes me?

How much Jesus do we want?

1. Till, go deeper, break your ground open.

2. Weed and feed – rid your life of temptations, back away from your coping mechanism.

Jesus didn’t die to fulfill all our desires. He died so we could be free from our desires!

And don’t forget to feed your spirit with the Words of Jesus, bible study, podcasts, sermon notes, etc.

3. Check your focus. What do you live for?