Living the Dream

Jeremiah 29:11

God is dreaming. Are you?

Dreaming of a great life and Living the Dream are not the same thing.

Here’s the question: What is better in your life right now than it was this time last year? Name your progress.

Jesus didn’t die so you could dream.
Jesus died so you could Live the Dream!

Living the Dream is not a destination. Living the Dream is a process, a journey, an awesome adventure!

If you haven’t set goals, made plans and started working towards your dream, your dream is just a fantasy! (adapted from Jeff Robinson)

Fantasies are unproductive. Dreams produce results.
Fantasies are fleeting, inconsistent. Dreams have focus.
Fantasies stretch your imagination. Dreams stretch you.
Fantasies may inspire you. A dream can change your life.
Fantasies are unrealistic expectations. Dreams are balanced in reality.
Fantasies are free. Dreams have a cost.
Fantasies require only imagination. Dreams require hard work.

Biblical examples of dreamers:
both Josephs
King Abimelech
King Nebuchadnezzar
King Belshazzar
Pilate’s wife

Bible examples of those with fantasies:
the rich barn-builder
King Ben-Hadad
(FYI, none of them turned out well!)

Set Goals

  • Every member growing closer to Jesus and stronger in faith!
  • Each one reach one in 2020

What are your goals? New car, lose weight, pay off debt, dream vacation?
What about your spiritual health? Why not adopt the above goals?

Make Plans

  • Small Group changes
  • Discipleship that actually creates life-change
  • Team Night – Night of Prayer – 1.26.20
  • OK, so what are your plans for your spiritual health?

Work On It – A dream doesn’t just happen!

What we are working on for you:
– 21 Days of Devotions (SIGN UP HERE)
– Small Group launch on 1/26

You may not be living the dream yet but you’re closer than you realize