THE Dream

Ever wonder why things like reading the Bible regularly has anything to do with your dreams? Glad you asked!

How Going to Church Benefits Brain and Body

So what dream are we talking about?
Not the American Dream, or the Madison Avenue dream or Hollywood’s dream, nor a problem-free life – not even your personal dream

GOD’S Dream is THE Dream
This big, amazing, awesome, audacious and bodacious dream is His, not yours. And He is dreaming it over your life.

1. Since it is HIS dream it is a better dream because His way is better. THE Way, THE Truth, THE Life leads to THE Dream.

“History proves over and over again, that when humanity decides what is good or evil on their own, we inevitably end up deciding that what is good is basically whatever is easiest, safest or most pleasing to ourselves.  This always ends badly.”
from Living the Dream devotions Church 29:11, 1/9/2020

His Way is THE Way and doesn’t get tied up in traffic or detoured by obstacles

His Truth is THE Truth and doesn’t get confused or lost in the search

His Life is THE Life which is an abundant life!

2. HIS dream is more powerful, more awesome, more beautiful than anything you and I can ever dream

HIS dream for me isn’t limited by my weaknesses, resources, connections, or my ability to dream, envision and plan!

3. Our humanity is often a huge obstacle to THE Dream

Delete the Dream-Killers that keep you from THE Dream.

There is a battle for your heart: movies, music, lust, relationships, peers, social media, popularity, pride, envy, materialism, advertising, greed, anger

Psalm 101:3

But also delete the Dream-Distractors because it isn’t just sin that hinders THE Dream.

1 Corinthians 6:12, 10:23

In other words, some things that we claim as a right don’t lead us to THE Dream but may actually keep us from it!

  • Like idleness and procrastination
  • Like reading without listening and listening without changing
  • And what some call “Permissive will”

“…what we’re doing is destructive AND keeping us from what God has planned for us.”
from Living the Dream devotions Church 29:11, 1/9/2020

Immaturity asks “can I?” Maturity asks “should I?”

4. Since it is HIS dream, we can’t reach it without Him. His process, His recipe, His route.

Do things that lead to THE Dream:

  • Upgrade your habits – whatever you’re doing that’s good, do it better
  • Appreciate the moment you have – too many are waiting for a “better” or “more opportune” time
  • Work on your health – stewardship of your health
  • Be more thankful, 24/7
  • Connect to people closer to Jesus & stronger in their faith than you and a great place to do that is Small Groups that begin in 2 weeks!
  • Pray constantly
  • Feed your soul & mind – Living the Dream Devotions
  • Go deeper into devotions, sermons, songs, scripture

Falling deeply in love with Jesus is the most sure way to begin Living THE Dream!