Accounting For 2019

What kind of business leader looks at his employees on December 30 and tells them to just move on to 2020?

Romans 14:12

Who is accountable?

  • Those God has blessed with a 6-figure salary or perhaps also those who earn $6 an hour?
  • Those capable of beautiful artistry or perhaps also those who’ve hidden their talent and not shared it?
  • Those with plenty of time or perhaps also those who keep their calendars full?
  • Followers of Jesus or perhaps also those who don’t follow Him?

Every person must give an account as steward of those things God has entrusted to them.
Even the High Priest!
Even the king!
Rich men like the barn-builder and also poor widows.


Hebrews 9:27

Luke 14:28-29

Those who keep up their checking account aren’t surprised by the balance.

“If you dare not search your hearts, I am afraid there is a reason for that fear, and that above all others you ought to be diligent in this search.”
– Charles Spurgeon

So when is the best time to reckon our account, at the end of life or today?

WHAT we must account for:

  • The use of the time He has allotted us
  • Our financial blessings and substance
  • Our talents and gifts
  • The influence He has given us
  • The balance of self and sacrifice
  • The invisible people in our lives
  • and all other things with which God has entrusted us!

Do our lives burn bright with Jesus or do we only leave Him the candle ends? As we said a few weeks ago, does our giving say leftovers or Lord?

WHY reckon our account on a regular basis?

To start afresh, begin in the clear, on the level, to not start behind.

A daily or weekly recounting of adversity He has helped us through, trouble He has rescued us from and sin He has forgiven us for! Without looking back we forget to acknowledge, appreciate and thank God. We just absolutely forget.

And here is the grave reason we must reckon our stewardship: we are not sure of another day of stewardship!