This Was for You – part 2

A stable in Bethlehem, fleeing to Egypt to escape Herod, working as a carpenter, accusations, attempts on His life, arrested in Gethsemane, all night trials, false accusers, mocked, cursed, slapped, beaten, crucified…

Matthew 27:26-31

All of this was for you!

This whole plan was for Jesus to sub for us!
Isaiah 53:4-5

1 Peter 2:24

He became broken for us. Because we are broken! And by the stripes one His back we are made healthy and whole, physically, spiritually, emotionally!

Matthew 27:29
What is a crown? What is the significance of Jesus’ crown?

What does a king expect when one enters his presence?
1. Worship and honor
2. Gifts, like the things in his crown!