Spiritual Gifts — Part 2

1 Corinthians 12:4-11

WISDOM – supernatural revelation or insight into the divine will and purpose, often given to solve perplexing problems and situations

Ananias in Acts 9:10-19
Pilate’s wife in Matthew 27:19

KNOWLEDGE – supernatural revelation of divine knowledge or insight in the divine will or plan, to know things that could not be known naturally

Example, Simon Peter confronting a deceptive couple in Acts 5:1-3

FAITH – to be firmly persuaded of God’s power and promises to accomplish His will and purpose and to display such a confidence in Him and His Word that circumstances and obstacles do not shake that conviction

Example, Paul’s declaration of his faith in Acts 27:21-26 and how he acted on his faith in Acts 28:3-5

HEALING – healing of all manner of sickness by supernatural power, without human aid or medicine

Acts 3:1-8, 5:12, 5:15-16, 9:32-35, 9:36-40, 19:11-12, 20:7-11

MIRACLES – supernatural power to intervene in the ordinary course of nature

Example, Paul confronting the sorcerer in Acts 13:6-12

PROPHECY – to speak forth the divinely inspired message of God with boldness

Examples: Acts 21:9, 13:1-2, 21:10-11, 11:27-30

This is the purpose of prophecy, not to excite or entertain, but to direct us to action!

DISCERNING OF SPIRITS – supernatural revelation or insight to clearly distinguish truth from error by judging whether behavior or teaching is from God, Satan, human error, or human power

Example, Paul confronting a deceitful woman in Acts 16:16-18

TONGUES – to speak in a language not previously learned so unbelievers can hear God’s message in their own language or the body of Christ is edified

Acts 2:1-11
Romans 8:26-27

INTERPRETATION OF TONGUES – a supernatural ability to interpret what is uttered in other languages not known by the one who interprets

Example, 1 Corinthians 14:26

Now eagerly desire the greater gifts. 1 Corinthians 12:31

What’s Next? It’s up to you!