Reach More People

The Apostle Paul was once known by the name Saul.

  • Saul was his normal, religion, education, contacts, etc., all good things, in context & perspective.
  • Paul was better than normal!

Philippans 3:12-14

Saul had religion, Paul had relationship!

Today, Paul would be at the laundromat. Acts 16:13

It was the first record of Jesus being preached in Europe! The beginnings of Christianity in Europe didn’t happen in a cathedral!

Today, Paul would be at Jack’s, you know that big round table where all the guys sit around and talk over coffee? Or at Starbuck’s, or on the quad or campus green or some other gathering area on a college campus. Acts 17:19-23

We have learned we can do many things online. But we can’t BE the church unless we connect with others in our communities!

Our calling, our responsibility, is not righteous living. Righteousness is our new nature in Jesus, it’s who we are.

Nor is our responsibility to serve, to do good deeds and help those in need. Again, that’s our new nature, it’s who we are in Jesus.

Our responsibility, our duty, our calling is to bring someone else to Jesus!

Our priority is to help people find Jesus. Yes, we want to help with needs. But it should not be enough
…to feed someone a meal and leave them spiritually empty.
…to pay someone’s bills for a month and not address their eternity.
…to be someone’s friend but not introduce them to the Best Friend Ever!

“Evangelism is a process…that starts with prayer.
So whose salvation are you praying for?”
Dave Gibson