More Than Showing Up

I’ve heard for many years that 95% of life is just showing up? But is it really true? For exercise, getting an education, relationships, being a Christian?

For most of life it’s what you do after you show up that’s important!

Four examples of Dad prayers in the Bible:

  1. Job over his kids, even after they were grown! Job 1:1-5
  2.  Abraham interceding for his nephew Lot – Genesis 18:20-32
  3. Jacob’s final blessing over his sons – Genesis 49:1-28
  4. Fathers on the front porch with the blood – Exodus 12:21-23

If you really get this first step the other steps will fall in place!

Ephesians 5:15-20

  • Don’t live foolishly but wisely
  • Don’t act thoughtlessly but with understanding
  • Don’t be drunk but filled with the Holy Spirit

The Spirit of God is all the coping help we need!

Be an example to show your children how to rely on God’s power, wisdom and help!