God has laid out a plan for 2022. And you’re in it.

Psalm 37:23

There is a mission, a plan. This mission is for impact, victory, rescuing and liberating those in bondage, bringing healing, sharing peace, etc.

There is a difference in a choice and a call. We have all received a call to follow. And we all have a choice. The call to follow comes from Jesus. The choice belongs to us.

Today we are talking about the necessity to CONNECT with others.
– We were designed to connect.
– Social connection is a core human need.
– Mirror neurons are stimulated when we interact with others.

Wait, didn’t Jesus practice solitude? Yes! But only for prayer.
Mark 1:12-13, Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, Matthew 14:13
And after each instance Jesus returns to connect with people!

Jesus loves people!

Matthew 14:14, Matthew 9:36, Matthew 15:32, Matthew 23:37, Luke 7:13, John 8:10-11, Luke 5:12-13, Mark 10:49

Jesus went to Peter’s home, Zacchaeus’s home, a Pharisee’s home, a centurion’s home, and spent much time in Lazarus, Mary & Martha’s home.

Can we claim to be a follower of Jesus if we don’t connect with other people?

You need other Christians in your life!

You don’t just need stimulation, you need Christian stimulation

You need the opportunity to discover your gifts and use them

You need to be challenged

You need accountability

You need the support of your spiritual family! Ephesians 1:5

Something is better than nothing, right? Not always.

The number one reason you need to connect with others is… they need you!

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