Walk This Way

We require an external standard of right and wrong.

There is a right way to walk. To act. To treat others.

John 3:3
Those are Jesus’ words, not just some important man’s words.
There isn’t a common law provision in salvation.
The choice is new life! Not just forgiveness, not to just do better, but a new life!

Water Baptism in Romans 6:1-10 – the symbolism is death and new life

So we aren’t Christians because we do right. But when we become Christians, when we are born again, we have a new nature that wants to do right!

Romans 6:12-23 – Like parallel universes

Christianity is more than choosing to do better or to be nice. The choice is new life!

Have you ever watched a movie for the 2nd time, or even the 10th time, and found yourself hoping the characters would choose something better? Similar to Pontius Pilate in Luke 23.

Romans 8:13