Worship 168

Because of all He has done, This Is What We Do


It’s not only what we do while the music is playing!

etymology, OLD ENGLISH, the condition of being worthy
So, worship doesn’t start with us. God had first proven Himself worthy.

definition, the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration

In Hebrew, worship means
1. acts and expressions of worship
2. to lie prostrate, in a literal position of mercy and humility
3. to work and serve

Benefits of worship

  • the mind is transformed (by faith, belief in God, repentance)
  • the heart is renewed (through love, trusting someone)
  • our actions are redeemed (in obedience, in service)
  • there is peace in worship (Isaiah 26:3)
  • there is victory in worship (2 Chronicles 20:21-25)

Jesus said this about worship in John 4:24
Worship cannot be piecemeal, not just Sundays, not just thru music, not just with voices…

Spirit, in the soul, where a person feels, thinks, wills, decides, etc. It’s our heart, attitude, desire, our want-to, etc.

Truth, in reality! So, yes, go through the motions! No one can do it for you. Our Worship Team does not worship on your behalf or in your place.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”9c10b” via=”no” ]James the apostle said if faith doesn’t produce good works it is dead and useless. So if feeling doesn’t produce expression is it worship?[/ctt]

James 2:17

Singing is Worship!

The deepest worship is adoration and reverence that begins in our spirit before the music starts! The deepest worship is what springs up naturally out of our feelings toward God!

The depth of my worship depends on my personal adoration and feelings for God!

Giving is Worship!

The story of the Widow’s mite from Luke 21:1-4

Giving is worship because
…it has cost, it involves sacrifice. It is worshiping with our substance.
…it affirms stewardship. Tithing shows we acknowledge God as the Owner of all and Giver of all, that we are mere stewards of money, of the earth, of people, of time, etc.
…it displays gratefulness. Giving is the antithesis of selfishness, stinginess.

Deuteronomy 8:18

Worship is a Lifestyle!

True Worship isn’t 1:15 but 168. It is exalting Jesus 168, making Him Lord over home and business and play, not just church.

1 Corinthians 10:31

[ctt template=”3″ link=”fZ0FP” via=”no” ]A worship lifestyle is taking note that everything I do and every place I go and everything I say, because I call myself a Christian, has the potential to honor or dishonor God.[/ctt]

Bringing your problems to God is Worship!
The action of trusting your problems to God says “God, I know You can!”