Hebrews 11:6

Romans 14:23
There is a connection between faith and pleasing God. Not just believing God exists but a faith that earnestly seeks Him!

Isaiah 58
God’s promises become our blessings
when our religion becomes more than a to-do list,
when our faith moves us to act!

It is not enough to do good, we must do good out of faith,
not just the letter of obedience but an attitude of obedience,
not merely seeking His benefits but seeking His heart,
not just performing acts of kindness but meeting needs!

At 12:30pm on Sunday many people’s worship is over for the week! And most people’s serving is, too!

Here are the 7 prayers I am praying over my church in 2017:

1. Remind us, it begins right here!
Church 29:11 exists to
1) Reach people, especially the unchurched and de-churched
2) Help one another become true disciples of Jesus

2. Help us take our commitment to finance and otherwise support this mission more seriously in 2017
We make the mission happen: supporting financially, serving, showing up, sacrificial support

3. Help us reach the next 180 who need to know Jesus

4. Lead each one of us to Own Our Growth
Bible Project

5. Lead us to welcome discipleship from one another

6. Open more doors in more communities and bless us with the necessary means to reach them!

7. Give us greater impact in our communities in 2017

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