Make Change – Connections (Part 2)

There is a difference between a bestie and a mentor!

Mark those you should turn to when in trouble, danger or under attack
2 Kings 19:1-2

Mark those who encourage you to worship, at all times
2 Kings 23:1-8

Mark those who believe in you but don’t make it too easy
2 Kings 2:1-18

Mark those who inspire you
Esther 4:14

Mark those who encourage you
Luke 1:39-40

Has anyone marked you?
John 1:40-45

Mark those who challenge you to go deeper
Acts 18:26; 22:3; 16:1-8

Discipleship happens in relationship not events.

“Discipleship is not a class you take; it’s the course of your life.”
– Robby Gallaty

Make Change – Connections

Psalm 37:23; 25:12; James 1:5

God not only gives us direction, He has not only given us His Word, He also puts people in our lives that we need to learn from. Because discipleship happens in relationship not events!

Not all of us have a Joseph in our lives.
Genesis 40:12; 41:25

In 2017…

Give someone in your life permission to tell you that you’re wrong
Exodus 18:13-26

Treasure those connections that bring you closer to God!
Exodus 24:12-13

Don’t forget, God gave us parents for a reason!
Judges 14:1-3

Stop fighting alone!
Judges 4:4-22

Remember, you don’t know everything
Ruth 3:1-18

Connect with people who know different stuff than you
1 Samuel 3:2-14

Don’t be a spiritual know-it-all either
2 Samuel 7:1-17; 1 Samuel 25:2-39

Be a parent who makes time to share your wisdom, direction & your relationship to God!
1 Kings 2:1-4

When an old person talks, listen!
Proverbs 1:8; 1 Kings 12:6-8


Make Change: Get Outside Yourself


Today our culture values money, image and fame

Studies show we are living in an increasingly narcissistic society

In 1980 the American Psychiatric Association officially recognized narcissistic personality disorder. Some of the signs are: jealousy, competition, entitlement, require constant reinforcement & attention from others, need to be noticed, believe others are interested in what they are doing all the time, etc.

But narcissism is dangerously destructive!

Excessive self-involvement is not good for our happiness.
People who cut themselves off from others and strive only for material success have the highest rates of alcoholism, mood disorders, marital discord and suicide risk in themselves and their children.
The health of our immune systems is very much affected by our social connections.
Having three hours per month of informal social contact with others outside our family has the same health benefits as quitting smoking.
When close friends put their hands on our shoulders … we can tolerate acute physical pain that otherwise could only be poorly managed by drug therapy.
Money cannot replace people. Once we have enough to support our basic life needs, pursuing more wealth does not increase our happiness.
Indeed, most of us get our basic life meaning by doing good deeds for others or having some greater good for which we work. What really makes us happy is challenging ourselves to learn and getting involved with people who benefit from us.
John Driggs, LICSW
The hardest burden in life is self-centeredness. Selfishness comes naturally to us; we see to our own needs first. The human prospect is too bleak unless we literally extend ourselves. The sooner we relocate our strivings outward, rather than remaining confined in self-seeking projects, the more at ease we will be with whatever life presents.
Wendy Lustbader, M.S.W.
One of the easiest ways to ‘be happy instantly’ when you’re having a bad day is helping someone else.
Deepak Chopra



Make someone’s day 
The next time you open a social media app, instead of seeking validation, look for someone else to validate!

Lighten someone’s burden
Pay attention, like Joseph in Genesis 40:6-7!

Bless someone
Buy their lunch, take donuts to work, etc.

Invite someone to church or small group
The most important interaction you can have is to bring someone to Jesus!

Make Change – Consistency

resolution – noun –
a firm decision to do or not to do something

resolute – adjective –
admirably purposeful, determined, unwavering

resolve – verb –
decide firmly on a course of action


The problem isn’t in trying to turn over a new leaf.
The problem is that we aren’t actually turning over new leaves but the same old leaf every year! 

Repentance is not a mental decision but also denotes action taken.

Ezekiel 14:6, 18:30; Isaiah 1:16-17

The true definition of “repentance”



According to research, Facebook is now cited in 1/3 of all divorce cases

14% of Brits have considered divorce because of spouse’s social media habits

33% of divorces in GB contained word “Facebook” in reasons to file for divorce

17% of one lawfirm’s clients said they argue daily about social media use

2/3 of US attorneys surveyed said they had used evidence from social media in divorce proceedings


According to US Bankruptcy Court,
5/10 top reasons for bankruptcy
are due to poor planning and spending!


According to SBA nearly all business failures occur due to poor decisions and planning


In one study, high parental involvement showed an increase of up to 2 grade points!

Students with above average grades spent at least 9hrs outside school in “high yield activities” while students in the lowest 25% spent more time “hanging out”


We can decide to have an awesome life but to actually achieve it takes consistency of effort!

1 Corinthians 9:24-25



1. Plan To Succeed
Don’t just make a resolution, make a plan that is both consistent and long-term!

2. Make Right Choices 
Wake up and choose, every day!

3. Measure
When you’re struggling it isn’t easy to measure but that’s when it’s most important!

4. Move Into The Right Neighborhood 
1 Corinthians 15:33

5. Worship
Regular worship helps keep us focused!


Hebrews 11:6

Romans 14:23
There is a connection between faith and pleasing God. Not just believing God exists but a faith that earnestly seeks Him!

Isaiah 58
God’s promises become our blessings
when our religion becomes more than a to-do list,
when our faith moves us to act!

It is not enough to do good, we must do good out of faith,
not just the letter of obedience but an attitude of obedience,
not merely seeking His benefits but seeking His heart,
not just performing acts of kindness but meeting needs!

At 12:30pm on Sunday many people’s worship is over for the week! And most people’s serving is, too!

Here are the 7 prayers I am praying over my church in 2017:

1. Remind us, it begins right here!
Church 29:11 exists to
1) Reach people, especially the unchurched and de-churched
2) Help one another become true disciples of Jesus

2. Help us take our commitment to finance and otherwise support this mission more seriously in 2017
We make the mission happen: supporting financially, serving, showing up, sacrificial support

3. Help us reach the next 180 who need to know Jesus

4. Lead each one of us to Own Our Growth
Bible Project

5. Lead us to welcome discipleship from one another

6. Open more doors in more communities and bless us with the necessary means to reach them!

7. Give us greater impact in our communities in 2017