The Struggle Is Contagious

II Kings 5 – The Story of Naaman People thought Leprosy was very contagious.– Being emotionally unwell is contagious too. … More

The Struggle Is Real

I am struggling to know how to pastor in a culture that no longer needs God:– Financially– Concerning right and … More

Third Space

Matthew 22:1-10 What does “Third Space” mean? People have the place they live and the place they work or attend … More

Time To Go.

Luke 5:18-26 Stand up, pick up and go! I’m fully convinced some people are scared they can’t do it and … More

THE Reason

The fruit is of no benefit to the tree. Two things fruit does:1. Provides nourishment for others passing by, a … More

The Gift of Giving

Find your gift here. We are all called to give, but people with the motivational gift of giving are called … More