Release the Dream

1 Samuel 1:10-11

Hannah gives Samuel to God’s service, while still a child. He was taught and trained to serve at the temple and became a prophet, priest and judge of the nation of Israel.

Remember, this wasn’t a command from God. It was Hannah’s vow, as part of her passionate request for a son.

Hannah didn’t want to hold a baby. She wanted to be a mother. Do we know the difference?

Having an infant in your house, in your bedroom, in your lap is a great joy.
Raising that child to be chosen by God for something special in life is a great honor!

Two lessons from Hannah’s vow, and her faithfulness in fulfilling that vow.

1. She embraced God’s dream, the best one, for Samuel.

Isaiah 55:8-9

Baby Samuel would bring joy to the house.
But as a man of God, Samuel impacted a nation, two kings and all of history!

2. Letting go of your dream is hard, painful, and impossible to fathom. But it is also key to God’s dream being fulfilled in your life.

Every great hero has to let go of things they dream in order to do great things.

So speaking of King David…
1 Chronicles 14:8-16
Don’t miss verse 14 where David inquired of God and his obedience to the instruction he received!

You can find the path to victory by learning where God is going.

1 Corinthians 16:9

Don’t let opposition keep you from seizing the opportunity God is opening before you!