Reclaim Relationship with Our Community

Because we have their answer!

There are more than 160 laws in the Old Testament.

One day Jesus was asked what The Greatest Commandment was – Matthew 22:37-39

The Jesus creed!

A place for everyone – Psalm 68:5-6

Every person in our communities who does not know Jesus needs this family!

But there are too many holy huddles in the church world today.

Acts 1:8
Simon Peter was definitely a leader in Jerusalem and Judea for the early church.
God sent Paul into the Roman world, “to the ends of the earth.”
Why did God commission Paul and not Simon Peter to reach the non-Jewish world?

Cornelius’ story in Acts 10-11:18 best explains:
Peter said, “No,” to God about unclean things
The Joppa Christians were “astounded” God was interested in Gentiles
The Christian leaders in Jerusalem confronted Peter about having fellowship with Gentiles
God had to push Peter to change his attitude so Peter was able to help open the door for Gentiles, a door that Paul would charge through!
Paul did not chase traditions, therefore he could better reach Samaria and the Roman world.

There are plenty of churches capable of reaching people with the traditions of church. So, 29:11 has pushed hard to reach those without church traditions and those who, for one reason or another, are done with church.

We Have a Plan to Reach the Unreached
Many opportunities to invite a friend: Easter, Child Dedication, Mother’s Day, Baptism, Blockbuster
Meet-Ups and Grow Groups
Coffee on Sunday
5 Minute Rule
Park in the back!
Sit closer to the front
Mark 12:38-39

You Need a Plan to Reach YOUR Unreached Friend
– Target
– Pray
– Invite
– Repeat #2 and #3