Christmas Lights

If you are comfortable in this world, then I encourage you to ignore Advent. Christmas is the holiday for you. Waiting and hoping are just not worthwhile, so jump to the fun stuff. Advent only makes sense if you want something else to hold on to.

– Matthew T. Phillips

Christmas is a time of anticipation.

Why we want to see lights

Because in the dead of winter, those times of darkness in our lives, it’s good to see the lights!
John 1:1-14

When dealing with real darkness, such as pain, loss, regret, baggage, we need the Light!

The Light gives us hope. That darkness, your situation, is not forever.
Matthew 24:35

We have choices
Isaiah 9:2

You can see the darkness or you can choose to see the Light.

You don’t have to walk in darkness.

There is power in The Light!
John 1:5

And The Light that has shined into your life is just the beginning!
Isaiah 9:6

  • We were promised redemption in Genesis (Genesis 3:15)
  • Isaiah described that promise as a Great Light (Isaiah 9:2)
  • One night in a stable in Bethlehem the smallest flicker of that Light appeared (Luke 2:6-7)
  • John the Baptist repeated the promise of a coming Light (John 1:6-7)
  • But this Light was hated and rejected because it exposed our sin (John 3:19-21)
  • Yet this Light showed us the way to grace and eternal life! (John 14:4)
  • And Jesus will one day replace all our substitutes as He is the true Light, Hope, Peace, Joy and Love! (Revelation 21:23)

Everything is different once you’ve experienced His Light!