Third Space

Matthew 22:1-10

What does “Third Space” mean?

People have the place they live and the place they work or attend school. But we all need that third place in our life.

“The informal public gathering places critical for a functioning civil society.”


“They are locations where we exchange ideas, have a good time, and build relationships.”

Brookings Institute

“A third place is an anchor of the community and usually a public setting that hosts frequent and informal gatherings of people. Most people are loyal to their place and return regularly to unwind and socialize.”

Jordan Harbinger

But the more that churches created spaces that fit themselves the less they connected with their communities.

The 29:11 vision is about everyone. Everyone knowing Jesus and knowing their gifts, possibilities, His promises and dream for their lives!

We are willing to do what no one else is doing to reach those no one else is reaching.

Church as the space missing in lives, Sundays, teens, Grow groups, meetups

Rentals providing that space to celebrate or even do business

Makers Coffee is the quintessential 3rd space, a place of peace

Matthew 10:11-13

Putting up a sign doesn’t make this a special place in the lives of our community any more than putting up a church sign makes you a church!

What does?

1. People who are passionate about doing something special for those around them

2. People who are committed, support, give, serve, pray, fast to have the opportunity to do something special

There were two evangelistic methods followed by the early church

Paul traveled the Roman empire, what he could get to, setting up local congregations as alternate 3rd spaces in the community. See Acts 17:1-4 and 18:1-11

And the great commission given us by Jesus is GOING, becoming part of people’s lives, into their spaces, not to build and wait. See Acts 16:13-15 and 17:16-34.