Time To Go.

Luke 5:18-26

Stand up, pick up and go!

I’m fully convinced some people are scared they can’t do it and don’t even try.

Someone else helped you get to Jesus but it’s now time for you to get up and walk it out.

Take your bed home, don’t leave it on the sidewalk.

He immediately jumped, didn’t just walk, and praised God, not grumbling about having to carry the bed!

Jesus was telling the man to try something the man “knew” he couldn’t do!

He was totally healed. Now he had to act like it. Carrying his bed was living the miracle!

Walk away from your past, your yesterday! Get as far away from it as we can!

Laying in that bed was comfortable. What are you living in that seems more comfortable than being free, being whole, being mentally healthy and spiritually strong?