The Gift of Helps/Serving


Romans 12:7

Helps/Serving is the most practical gift of all of them.

Those motivated by serving, or helping others, enjoy manual projects.

They aren’t kings and don’t want to be.

  • They can’t walk by a gum wrapper without picking it up.
  • They can’t leave a mess for someone else to clean up.
  • They can’t look at a dingy wall for too long without painting it.
  • They can’t wait another week for someone to “get around to it.”

They don’t see their gift as menial but vital! They are not merely helpers. More properly, they are the ones who “help” make ministry happen!

Many start their ministry involvement with helping and never leave it because it is their most dominant gift. People like:
Phoebe, whom Paul called a great help to him and to others – Romans 16:1-2
Timothy, who followed Paul’s leadership about everything – 2 Timothy 3:10-11
Dorcas, who used her talents to make clothes for widows, the needy – Acts 9:36-39
Martha, who seemed to always be making dinner in Jesus’ honor – Luke 10:40
Mary Magdalene, who helped ministry teams from her own supplies – Luke 8:2-3

The stories of these people are also in the Bible, right alongside Paul, Simon Peter, John the Baptist, etc!

Weaknesses – we must recognize and adapt for our weaknesses
1. May appear pushy or hurried – like Martha wanting Mary to help
2. Cannot let go, cant say “no” or delegate
3. Work so hard they:
often miss the big picture, and/or
may fail to submit to spiritual authority

Timothy was a perfect model for us. He would not do anything without checking with Paul first. Even though Timothy had a calling, he knew Paul had the big picture calling.

1. Work behind the scenes – they do not need limelight or recognition
2. Observant, readily recognizing needs of others
3. Keen memory of the likes/dislikes of those they serve

Contrast these two scriptures, John 20:19  and Matthew 27:61

The disciples were hiding in fear but these two women were watching, waiting on their opportunity to serve Jesus, even after He was dead!

Statistics show if people don’t get involved in a church’s ministry in the first 6 months they attend, they never will.

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