The Gift of Administration



How you administer your life is critical to the mission of Christ.

The Gift of Administration
– Gift of leadership
– Coming from a place of authority
– The action of dispensing, giving or applying something

We are all leaders whether we choose to believe it or not.

How you live your life matters.

The way you organize your life could be the difference in someone having a personal walk with God.

Daniel 6:24-28

The Jealousy
Daniel 6:1-5
“They could find no corruption in him”
Daniel 6:4
The Scheme
Daniel 6:6-15
“Just as he had done before”
Daniel 6:10
The Lions Den
Daniel 6:16-23
“Whom you serve continually”
Daniel 6:16
The Decree
Daniel 6:24-28
“So Daniel prospered”
Daniel 6:28

“The majority of your life will be in pursuit of your goals. Love the pursuit.”

– Jeff Schmedding