Motivational Gifts – Introduction

Romans 12:1-8

The purpose of motivational gifts
– Not to simply possess the gift, to actually use it!
– All gifts are to be used for others.
– All gifts are to glorify God.

The purpose of our ministry teams is not to get tasks done but to allow people to operate in their passions and gifts!

There is an old illustration of a group of people eating dinner together and someone drops the dessert.
The Prophet says: I knew that was going to happen; every time you’re not careful it will happen
The Merciful says: don’t feel bad, anyone could have done that
The Server says: get out of the way; let me clean that up for you
The Teacher says: let me tell you why that happened; you didn’t have tray properly balanced
The Exhorter says: don’t worry about; next time we’ll start with dessert on table so no one will drop it
The Giver says: I’m going out to go buy another dessert
The Administrator say: Jim get the mop, Sue pick up the silverware, Mary go buy another dessert

Sometimes it’s the places where we aren’t gifted that need more attention.

This summer we are going to explore these gifts
1. So we better understand our own gifts and discover how to use them
2. So we can better understand and appreciate other people’s gifts