Gifts To the Church

Ephesians 4:13

Unity of what, opinion?
The Greek word for “the” in this verse is the definite article. So not a faith, or some faith, but THE faith!

We don’t choose how we follow anyone else, so why should we think we can choose how to follow the Creator of the universe and all life?

Let’s remember that we came to Jesus because we need Him.
We didn’t come to Jesus because He needed an advisor!

Ephesians 4:11-12
In contrast is Acts 14:23, Titus 1:5 – also 1 Timothy 3:1-13

Think: universal calling

Apostles don’t make decisions, they don’t decide WHAT’S NEXT, based on their personal opinion, plans, hopes, tastes, interpretations, etc.

Paul was an apostle, but more importantly, one who served efficiently and passionately. The title isn’t important if the responsibility isn’t fulfilled.

We need such leaders, not to fill a position but to serve with passion! Not arguing over politics but seeking God’s plan! And willing to speak for God’s plan regardless of the fallout, regardless of which crowd agrees or disagrees.

Pray for God to give us such leaders!

Think: speaking

A true prophet’s words will not merely line up with Jesus’ words but will be submissive to Jesus’ words. A true prophet’s teaching will not merely line up with Jesus’ teaching but will be submissive to Jesus’ teaching.

A prophet’s words are not greater than Jesus’ words! Don’t make them so in your life!

Pray for God to give us such leaders!

Think: administration. Fixed to particular churches to lead, instruct, train, etc.

The pastoral role is more father than friend.

The gift of pastors to the church highlights the reason why we all need a church home.

Pray for God to give us such leaders!

Think: doctrine, instruction and apologetics.

Pray for God to give us such leaders!


Most of our efforts of reaching others (when there actually is an effort) are so focused on reaching our “one person” that we often forget that Jesus sent His followers to impact the whole world!

So the goal this week is to impact as many people as possible!

Pray for?
Pray for yourself to know and follow God’s will.
Pray for these gifts to be effectual in our world again today.
Pray for the opportunity, wisdom and follow-through to have impact as many as possible.