But Jesus Showed Up

James 1:17

Acknowledge the “coincidences” as gifts from God as well!


Throughout the New Testament are examples of how worship prepares the way for miracles: see Luke 7:7, John 11:22, John 16:30, Matthew 8:2, Matthew 9:18, Matthew 9:21

You can’t really expect to receive miracles until you begin to believe in miracles!


Abstaining from sin, acting in wisdom, giving, serving, etc
But also ridding your heart of pride, jealousy, unforgiveness, etc

James 4:3

All the above are interruptions, hindrances to your faith!

Expect to hear from God, whether through personal devotion, prayer time, in the middle of the night, or an elder Christian.


James 4:2

Jesus encouraged us to bug Him to death! See Luke 18:7 and Matthew 7:7

Believe God has a plan!
Stir up your faith
Connect with people of faith
Don’t dwell on doubt, it is basically a temptation to disbelieve Jesus

We want to get out of our problems, for the pain to stop, to find a solution or an answer that rationalizes and makes the struggle make sense. And we want it so badly that we can miss our entire miracle!