But Jesus Said

What is it about Christianity that makes a difference in the world and our lives?

The church does a lot of good, always has throughout history: hospitals, education, missions, disaster relief, feeding programs, etc. But it’s Jesus through us!

Note: in those times the church has gotten off course, throughout history, it’s because we allowed our focus to stray from Jesus.

The world isn’t changed by the church, but by JESUS IN the church!
The world isn’t changed by the church’s doctrine, but by HIS doctrine in us.

It has been said that if Jesus is not God, then we should worship the man who thought Him up, because never did anyone speak in this way, especially of peace, harmony, victory, and love.

The disciples recorded many times where people were amazed by the words of Jesus.

Luke 4:22, John 7:15, Mark 6:2, Matthew 22:22, Matthew 22:33, John 7:46, Luke 4:32, Luke 4:36, Matthew 7:28-29

But it isn’t just HOW Jesus spoke. It was also WHAT He said.

Which of these sounds like what Jesus might have said? (see Luke 6:27-28)
– Give payback to those who hurt you or pray for them?
– Curse those who curse you or bless them?
– Destroy your enemies or love them?
See also Luke 16:15

The world says to stand up for yourself. But Jesus teaches peace. (see Luke 10:5)

Jesus was unique in His teachings on forgiveness! see Mathew 18:21-22

Jesus taught that to merely look with lust is adultery (see Matthew 5:28), and is therefore being unfaithful to your spouse.

Many people ask what I believe, what my church believes, etc. But the only thing that matters is what Jesus said.

The disciples knew there was no higher authority – see John 6:68

Proverbs 3:5