My Corner of the World

Every healthy relationship has a foundation of responsibility.

LUKE 10:1-2

Here, Jesus describes our relationship with those who don’t know Him:
Jesus sees our corners of the world as a harvest, people ready for something.
Jesus calls His followers “workers,” or in other words, gatherers of this harvest.

John 4:35

As John Gill wrote, there are more hearers than people speaking. And until there are enough speaking, all cannot hear.

LUKE 10:3

We should not be surprised when there is opposition.

“Leading people to Jesus in a world that’s moving away from Jesus is an increasingly difficult challenge…and increasingly larger opportunity.”

Carey Nieuwhof

LUKE 10:5

eiréné: one, peace, quietness, rest

We have a commission to release God’s peace!

LUKE 10:9

Tell them the good news! Some don’t even know there is good news, much less what it is. This is the culmination of the harvest, to bring people to the place of receiving the good news: grace, forgiveness, salvation, peace, hope, joy, healing…

“Whose salvation are you praying for every day?”

Dave Gibson

LUKE 8:47