not important or significant

This morning, people all over the country are:
Singing songs about promises and peace that they have never personally experienced.
Praying prayers that they have no expectation of receiving an answer to.
Listening to sermons without any plans of making changes in their lives!

It isn’t the song, prayer or sermon that is inconsequential.
It is our attitude that has taken worship, supplication and God’s divine wisdom and guidance and has rendered them powerless in our lives!

That’s the difference between believing and following.

Followers will experience the promises and the peace of God.

Followers can expect answers to their prayers.

Followers want to know how they can be more like Jesus – today.

So what is off limits in my life?
In what area of my life have I not said a complete “yes” to God? In Matthew 19:16-22 the rich young man had the same problem. The only thing wrong was the one thing he refused to hear from Jesus, the one thing he wouldn’t change. And just like this rich young man, too many people today feel they are entitled to validation of their opinions instead of being challenged or instructed in a better way of life.

Matthew 19:21 MSG

It is consistency that puts us in line for suddenly.

Genesis 41:14 – Joseph, only had time to shave & change clothes – while being thrown into a pit, as a slave, falsely imprisoned, he remained faithful, committed!

Genesis 18:9-12 – After decades of infertility, God promised Abraham and Sarah a baby “this time next year.” They literally left their lives to follow God!

1 Samuel 1:4-20 after years of infertility and ridicule, Hannah suddenly conceived.

Exodus 14:13-28 – The people of Israel walked miles before God actually, literally delivered them from Pharaoh and their oppressors.

1 Samuel 16:11-13 – While David was watching sheep as a teen he was called so Samuel could anoint him as the next king of Israel. God had seen in David a “man after My own heart”

2 Kings 2:1-14 – Elisha received a double portion anointing that was only promised if he followed consistently.

Acts 2:2 – Suddenly! That’s how power filled the followers of Jesus. They had been in prayer for a week and a half, most of them after following Jesus for 3 years!

Acts 16:26 – Suddenly! After going to prayer, Paul and Silas cast out demon, get thrown in jail, and they were praying and singing praises. They were NOT complaining, griping, grumbling, or relying on their wisdom or ability.

1 Kings 17:8-16 – After years of famine, a widow at Zarephath was given an opportunity to do something for someone else, something good, sacrificial, that God wanted her to do. And because she said “yes” she received miraculous provision throughout the rest of the famine!

Remember from January 2, 2022:
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– Get closer to God
– Make a difference

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