Why Jesus Came


Isaiah 9:1-7

It isn’t just the Christmas story that begins in the stable, but every truth, promise and blessing of Jesus’ teaching was birthed in that stable!

In John 1, John the Baptist sets the stage for the invasion of this world by the kingdom of God.”

Kimberly Weynen

Jesus came to sleep in a manger, not a crib.

  • It was no accident
  • A manger is a place to find food
  • A manger is a humble place
  • A manger is an obscure place
  • Because Jesus is a Savior for every circumstance.

Jesus came to be with us

Isaiah 7:14

If this year broke you down. Isolated you. Left you grieving or fearful or hurt. I want you to know that you don’t have to muster up cheer. You don’t have to feel like a downer in the midst of celebration. You can sit at the feet of a Savior who came for you where you’re at right now. That’s how Immanuel works. It’s God with us in the dirt giving us hope in the face of despair.”

Cassie Lynch

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Those who walk in darkness have seen a great light, on those living in spaces of deepest darkness a light has dawned. (a paraphrase of Isaiah 9:2)

What I have learned about why Jesus came:
To be a Savior for all people in every circumstance! Both shepherd’s and magi! On hillsides and in throne rooms!