We must pick and choose the best because we only have a certain amount of space.

The less space, or margin, I have in my life requires more discretion.

We make space for the things that are important to us!

Some things are meant to be savored!

Deuteronomy 30:19

How we grow spiritually:
(from Pastor Joe Wittwer)
Meet together in church and a Life Group.
Seek God in daily prayer, Bible reading, journaling.
Serve others in our church and community.
Give to God’s work in our church and to the poor.
Share your faith with your friends.

What it means to be whole-hearted after Jesus.
(from Pastor Joe Wittwer)
God: I have an authentic relationship with God.
Me: I am becoming more like Christ.
We: I have healthy relationships with others.
World: I am using my gifts to serve others.

“Church 29:11 is called to dig postmodern wells in the barren land of our communities where the Samaritan woman of today can get a drink & have a conversation that includes words of eternal life.” 10/21/13 Facebook post

Luke 21:1-4
What was the difference? Making space or giving leftovers!

You have to take responsibility for God’s family with 5 loaves and 2 fish, not when you get rich.”

Jimmy Evans

Thanksgiving dinner this past week
Royal Chicks Christmas project
Kentucky Christmas Blessing, 12/5
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There are 30.8 million results for “recipes for leftovers” in a Google search. While many families are trying to figure out how to feed themselves this week, you and I are planning what to do with our leftovers. Ironic?