Spot The Difference – Week 7

Jesus had a lot of people, a lot of different kinds of people, around Him at times.

Seekers are curious, they visit, they check things out.
John 6:2

Fans are consumers, they wear the t-shirt, buy a ticket, but they can be very fickle.
John 6:26–27

Followers are participants, loyal, committed.
Luke 14:27

Disciples are bought in! They invest in the future! They make it happen!
John 6:67-69
Jesus had many more disciples than just the 12 names you know: Luke 10:1

How we grow spiritually: (from Pastor Joe Wittwer)
– Meet together in church and a Life Group.
– Seek God in daily prayer, Bible reading, journaling.
– Serve others in our church and community.
– Give to God’s work in our church and to the poor.
– Share your faith with your friends.