Spot The Difference – Week 4

Why different?
To fulfill our mission to reach those no one else is reaching.
When you believe different you get to live different!

Bad couple years?
Many had it much worse, like the missionaries in Haiti, Christians in Afghanistan, etc.
But there have been great positives happen, too!
Just remember, it is all part of the journey!

The Apostle Paul’s last Journey
Acts 21-28

Paul was arrested for doing good!

Yesterday ended last night!

Then Paul is passed around like a hot potato: Roman Commander Claudius Lysias, back to the Sanhedrin, to Felix the Governor, then Festus the Governor, to King Herod Agrippa, and finally to Caesar in Rome

Sound like the end?

Acts 23:11, 27:23-24

In God’s plan Paul was not headed to Rome for prison but to share Jesus!

Jeremiah 29:11

Verse 26 said they would be shipwrecked and they end up on the island of Malta.

Acts 28:3-4

2 Corinthians 11:23-27

Acts 28:5-6

Don’t listen to people who judge you when they don’t know anything about your journey!

But it’s equally important that you don’t listen to people who flatter you! In my experience, they’ll be some of the first to abandon ship!

You don’t pack an overnight bag for an epic journey!
2 years in custody in Jerusalem and Caesarea
2-3 months on a ship
3 months shipwrecked on Malta
11 more days before actually getting to Rome

Obstacles, roadblocks, hindrances, detours…
Religious persecution and arrest
Total life detour and eventual shipwreck
Snakes, accusations, doubters and folks jumping ship
Lost the very support they were counting on

Also, we aren’t even told about Paul actually speaking to Caesar

Acts 28:1,2,7,10

It’s tempting to stay at Malta, where everybody likes you, and maybe even thinks you’re a god.

It’s time to get back on your journey!
Every adult in Israel but two quit halfway and died in the wilderness
King Saul quit halfway and lost his kingdom
Simon Peter quit halfway and almost drowned
Judas quit halfway and ended up committing suicide