Are We United?

Acts 2:42

God didn’t bring you to 29:11 to fill a seat. You are here to fulfill the amazingly awesome dream God has for you!


God created us for community

Fellowship is not merely attending a small group, or retreat, or even having coffee with someone. Fellowship is understanding that someone needs my time, my attention, my ear, my presence – and giving it to them.


Acts 17:11

Two big differences in then and now:

1) Their culture knew nothing of Jesus so these converts were beginning to follow His teachings. We know much about Jesus but we are moving away from His teachings.

2) They knew they must spend time learning but we don’t have that same urgency.

What is my personal attitude toward Jesus’ teachings?


Expectation is a powerful thing. It is a close kin to faith.

“If I pray on my own why do I need to pray here?”

Matthew 18:19

Matthew 11:28

Acts 2:43