Are We Reaching?

James 2:14-18

There is an awesome, true, and challenging story in Mark 10:17-22

Perhaps the point of the story of the rich young man who couldn’t follow Jesus is whatever separates you from helping others is what also separates you from God.

Every person in your life has needs – Physically, Mentally/Emotionally, Spiritually. And we are commissioned to reach out to them in their need!

The Old Testament law became an empty list of rules to many Jews. For example, if I go to temple and take an offering, I’m a good Jew.

Jesus fleshed it out for us in Luke 10:25-37

The question was “Who is my neighbor?” but the answer was directed at us being the neighbor!

So the real question should be “Who am I supposed to be a neighbor to?” It’s not a question of geography or even feeling a connection.

I must be a neighbor to anyone I see in need! Anyone!

Jesus made it a point for us to see ourselves as neighbors to people unlike us!

What about the spiritual needs of those around you?
Tell your story – what has God meant to you? Or done for you?
Remember Romans 10:9-10 which basically says if you believe Jesus is exactly who He says He is and you are open about it, you are saved

We aren’t Christians because of what we do (with our hands) for people around us. But we do good to and for those around us because we are Christians!