Man In the Mirror – Father’s Day

Raising the perfect child is a myth.
The goal of Christian parenting is to raise Christ-followers.

Bruce Wilkinson has written that the journey of generational faith can look like this:
First generation Christian experiences faith (the best).
To the second generation, faith is an inheritance (a good thing).
To the third generation, faith is a convenience (a dangerous place).
And to the fourth generation, faith becomes a nuisance (disastrous).

Parents have great power

Luke 12:48

Proverbs 22:6

Parents have the great responsibility to lead

Parents are not just under the same roof as their kids. They are the leaders in the home, as ordained by God.

Parents do not lead children by consensus. Parents are the leaders. Walk in front of your children. Show them “the way” and a big part of “the way” is to be present in the community of other believers, your local church.

Dick Hardy

Parents have the constant responsibility to guide their children

While we want to be sensitive to the needs of our children, it is the role and responsibility of parents to guide their children to being responsible citizens and more importantly to becoming the Christ-followers. Children don’t get there accidently.

For example, parents have a hand in choosing their kids’ friends, either on purpose or by accident. Don’t forget that, nor neglect it!

Parents set spiritual priorities

Choose and display right spiritual priorities by physically being committed to Christian community with other believers.

Parents model

Parents may feel like they can do church online forever. But kids don’t have the foundation an adult Christian has. And online church cannot fulfill the necessity of gathering together.

Take advantage of teaching moments, family events, materials and online content from your church, and serve opportunities.

Whatever you hope to see in your kids’ lives when they are grown you have to model – now!

From an old sermon, over 8 years ago:
“My goal as a father should be that my family would be better in everything they are and everything they do because of their time spent with me. Everywhere you walk you make a footprint. Make sure you’re making footprints in the right direction because that’s the ones your children are going to follow. They’re not going to follow what you want them to do. They are going to follow what you DO! It’s your responsibility to bring them closer to God. That includes your spouse, too.”

A final note to heads of house: stay on the porch!
Exodus 12:22

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