Jesus Is King

Matthew 21:7-9

Jesus’ kingdom is different.

What kind of King were they looking for?

A warrior to wipe out their opponents?
– But Jesus brought Peace.

A messiah to bring on the end of days?
– But Jesus brought Hope

A ruler that wouldn’t shake things up too much?
– But Jesus brought Truth.

A judge who would reward them for all their holy living?
– But Jesus brought Grace.

What kind of King are we looking for? 

  • Are we looking for a king to wipe out those who disagree with us? 
  • Are we looking for a king to just get us out of here?
  • A king to give us the gold star of approval?
  • No king at all?

Luke 17:20-21

We must seek the true King, because looking for the wrong kind of king leads to the wrong kind of kingdom.

Is the Kingdom coming, or is it already here? YES.

What kind of King is Jesus?
He’s unlike any other king that came before.

A servant King, a personal King, a sovereign King is dangerous to my rule.

“Christianity in the United States is often characterized by a deep desire to have ‘Christianity’ pervade our culture but not have Christ permeate our being.”

Rich Villodas

He wants to be the LORD and Savior of our lives.

John 18:33-37

This kingdom of this world is a lie. His Kingdom is the truth.
It’s up to us to listen to His voice, and live out His truth
– The more we do that, the more real His Kingdom becomes.

“Churches are not the kingdom of God, but are primary and inevitable expressions, outposts, and instrumentalities of the presence of the kingdom among us….
This impotence of ‘systems’ is a main reason why Jesus did not send his students out to start governments or even churches as we know them today, which always strongly convey some elements of a human system. They were, instead, to establish beachheads of His Person, Word, and Power in the midst of a failing and futile humanity. They were to bring the presence of the kingdom and its King into every corner of human life simply by fully living in the kingdom with Him.”

Dallas Willard

The king is dead. Long live the King.