Jesus is The Way and The Truth

But how do we get there? Is it automatic?

If we do right things we get there!

Jesus’ way is different. You are different! Jesus followers’ motivations are different, passions, goals, etc.
Look out for #1 – or – The first shall be last. Luke 22:26-27
Get all you can, can all you get – or – Give up your life. Matthew 10:39
Believe in yourself – or – Trust in God. Proverbs 3:5-6
Discover yourself – or – Deny yourself. Luke 9:23
Be true to you – or – Seek truth. John 8:31-32

Christianity is not a spectator sport.

Luke 9:62

Christianity is not a la carte

Here Am I, Send Me – Isaiah 6


Luke 20:20, Luke 7:30, Luke 20:21-26

When your opinion becomes part of your theology, you taint the message.

“Surround yourself with truth-speaking people.”

John Powell

Tempered: having the requisite degree of hardness or elasticity.

How do we find the Way? How do we know the Truth? Jesus gave us a “tool.”

John 14:6