Easter Message

Over 12K times a day someone searches for “Jesus Christ” on Google!
That’s about 4½M every year!

But there’s a problem with the cross
– It makes us sad
– It can make us feel guilty
– It can be confusing

THE REASON FOR THE CROSS is forgiveness!
Easter is about life that begins – after Jesus!

Today, let’s not skip the cross!

Luke 9:21-22

Skipping the cross

All the disciples ran and left Jesus behind – Mark 14:50

Judas sold Jesus out – Mark 14:10-11

Simon Peter denied Jesus – Mark 14:66-72

The crowds turned on Jesus
One Sunday they are giving Jesus a parade (Mark 11:7-10)
Five days later they are demanding He be put to death (Mark 15:9-14)!

I really hope to call us back to our first steps!

You’re in the best place when you realize there is only One who knows everything and it ain’t you!