This Is the Year we Pivot

I believe there is a greater gulf between the church and the average unchurched American than there has ever been before. Ever.

And today, nearly a year into this pandemic, I believe many churches and Christians are:
…standing in the same place they were a year ago – great, if it is the right stance!
…sharing the same message as a year ago – awesome, if it’s the right message!
…sharing it in the same way as a year ago – and that’s where the problem is.

We need to pivot! Not change our stance or message, but the direction or way we share it.

But first we must consistently check a couple things: Is our stance Jesus’ stance? Is our message Jesus’ message?

We can’t afford to major on the minors. Matthew 23:24

On some level you have to believe God is involved in leading you to a local church body, your spiritual family. Don’t just embrace the friendships, but the wisdom and instruction too!

The basis to begin with as our stance & message is John 3:16-17.
– God loves us so much,
– He chose to send His Son to die for our sin,
– Faith in Him is all it takes for salvation,
– Condemnation is not part of God’s plan,
– God wants to save the whole world!

Our stance is a balance of grace and truth.

Our message is Jesus as our salvation!

How do we pivot? What does that look like? What is going to work?
– Alternative ministries
– Lifestyle evangelism, think long-term
– Listening to people’s heart not just their anger
– Keeping the focus on Jesus, not on proving you are right
– Maintaining a balance of truth and grace.

If there is no truth then there’s no need for grace.
If there is no grace then there’s no need for truth.