This Is the Year

Just one tick on the clock and it’s 2021. But this year we desperately hope it means more!!!

2021 is a new opportunity, not a guarantee.

Note these miracle opportunities in the Bible…
“Take up your bed…” Mt 9:6, Mk 2:11, Lk 5:24, Jn 5:8
“Go wash in the pool…” John 9:7
“Dip seven times…” 2 Kings 5:10
“Bring the full tithe…” Malachi 3:10
“Fill the jars with water.” John 2:7
“Roll the stone aside.” John 11:39
“Go down to the lake and throw in a line.” Matthew 17:27
“Go and sin no more.” John 8:11

“This is the year…” is not a statement. You have to complete the sentence!

Some dreams need to be allowed to die. Others need to be kept alive and protected with all you’ve got!

This Is the Year for less talk, more action!
We don’t stop talking. But it’s time for the church to roll up its sleeves!