The Last Thing Jesus Says

Why I need to hear and know what Jesus Says…
1) Jesus knows stuff I don’t know.
2) It’s like GPS.
3) Focusing on what Jesus says helps us know what to NOT listen to. Weed seeds.

Last words are important!

Jesus said a lot just before leaving. You can read everything remembered about His last words here: Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:38-49, Acts 1:4-8

This must become the focus of our prayers,
the goal of each day,
the mantra of our churches,
the reason for our new building,
the purpose of our lives!

Jesus didn’t just give everyone a fishing net. He wanted to help people fall in love with fishing! And if you fall in love with Jesus you can’t help but love fishing!

Maybe that’s why personal evangelism is declining: we don’t love Jesus as much as we should. We just like the idea of church, spiritual fulfillment, getting blessed, etc.

Note in Matthew 9:36-38 that Jesus saw a harvest – do we?

What Jesus doesn’t Say:

1. That buying a toy, sending a meal, etc., is enough. Did Jesus feed the hungry? …bless the children? …heal the sick? …encourage the broken? Yes! He did those things because people had those needs. But the mission is bringing people back to God!

We must reach out to others with a redemptive mindset!

2. Make an invitation. He is saying to commit to the journey of bringing people to Jesus!

A pointed question… How long since I was obedient to this Last Thing Jesus Says?