The Big Thing Jesus Says

The purpose of this sermon series is not to tell you what Jesus Says but to remind us of the power, anointing, wisdom and wholeness of His words and deepen our hunger for them!

Jesus spoke about all points of life!

Forgiveness – John 3:16-17

Answers to prayers, needs, blessings, miracles, etc – John 14:12-14, Matthew 18:19, Matthew 17:20

Look deep, there isn’t always a rule, but sometimes a lesson, sometimes an object lesson. One example, racism.
Canaanite dog – Matthew 15:21-28
Samaritan at the well – John 4:3-42
The Samaritan hero! – Luke 10:28-37

Jesus didn’t just give us a rule, He gave us a way of life!

Jesus Says “give” – Matthew 23:23, Luke 6:38

Loneliness – John 15:15, Matthew 28:20, John 14:16-17

Social unrest, crime, security – John 14:27

Marriage – Mark 10:6-9
Look deeper at what Jesus is saying about marriage, the power and protection of God in it!

Friends & relationships – Luke 6:27-36

Kids & parenting – Matthew 18:10, 19:14, 19:19

Failure – John 8:1-11, Luke 10:19

Death – John 11:25-26, 3:16

Jesus addressed all our issues. But the BIGGEST promise Jesus made was to return! John 14:1-4

Jesus Says three things we should know about His return:

1) Jesus Says: Do not be troubled about it, trust Me!

2) Jesus Says these are some of the signs of His return: (Matthew 24:3-35) spiritual deception, wars, famines, earthquakes, persecution, increased wickedness, many followers will lose their love for God, worldwide evangelism, more distress called tribulation, more deceptive teachers.

3) In Matthew 24:36-51 Jesus Says “Be ready” in about a dozen ways!!!

Jesus Says: I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. John 14:6