The Coffee Shop

Why a coffee shop?

To Help Get Your Light on a Tall Pole!

Matthew 5:13-16

How effective is salt in a shaker?

Reach People in the “New Normal”!

“But the biggest mistake most leaders will make is the emotional rush to get back into a facility, to see everyone again, to assemble their teams and get back to ‘normal’, they’ll re-embrace a model of ministry designed to reach a world that no longer exists.”

Carey Nieuwhof

Back to Basics

Where are you most likely to invite someone to meet you?

Make This Building About the 167!

“If we bought this building to be about Sunday morning, we bought the wrong building.”

Make a Well!

“Jesus didn’t just hang out in the synagogue – he hung out at wells. Wells were natural gathering places in ancient culture. Coffee houses are modern wells.”

Mark Batterson

John 4

Because It’s Time to Be ALL IN!

Esther 4:14