Matthew 23:1-7

The defining characteristic of man’s religion? An overabundance of rules!

But let me be very direct! Rules are good, beneficial, required, etc

But rules are elementary steps or stages of relationships.

1, We need to mature past just doing things because of rules

2, And no one wants a relationship that has devolved into a list of rules!

Spiritual disciplines:
Prayer & Fasting
Worship, Gratitude
Fellowship, Gathering

Asking what is the least I can do to get to heaven isn’t a relationship, it’s a religion of rules!

Imagine your spouse is away for a week. But they leave you notes, send texts and make phone calls but you ignore them, put off reading or answering.

       1, we miss help to make our lives better

       2, we seriously damage our relationship with God

In the movie Castaway, Tom Hanks didn’t find even one Bible in all those boxes!

1, without the Bible I have to work harder to maintain my relationship with God!

2, the Bible helps my relationship with God get deeper, stronger!

So don’t read, pray, gather, worship and give because it’s a rule. Read, pray, gather, worship and give because it’s who we are and it deepens our relationship with God!