Religious people use loopholes to both get out of laws/rules we don’t agree with, (ex. That’s the Old Testament, or Jesus didn’t really say or mean that) as well as hold others to a standard we don’t hold ourselves to.

Jesus called the Pharisees out for this. – Matthew 15:1-9

When we understand that Jesus didn’t use any loopholes when it came to forgiving us, we realize we can’t use them against others. Instead Jesus challenges us to repay this “debt of love”. Pay all that you owe, whether it is taxes and fees or respect and honor.

Romans 13:7-9

Matthew 22:34-40

In light of these scriptures that lay out love being the lenses we see God’s law through, our question is no longer, “How much do I have to do?” But rather, “What does love require of me today?” How can I repay the debt of love that I e received?