Forward Progress

In Exodus 3:17, God was promising a place of immeasurable blessings!

  • And Israel wanted to go back to Egypt – to slavery! Why?
  • Because Egypt held all their coping mechanisms.

Beware of coping mechanisms

  • Coping mechanisms don’t help us grow. They help us cope. They help us stay in the predicament we are in.
  • Coping mechanisms are just a step away from an addiction. And addictions are enslaving.

Identify your potential coping mechanisms and guard yourself against them.

Today, perhaps more than ever, people need Joshuas and Calebs to help them understand where we are and more importantly, where we can go!

Joshua and Caleb had to endure whining, complaining, second-guessing, fears, worries, accusations and attacks.

And they kept the dream alive, continued to speak positive faith and pointed people toward God and His dream for them!

If you are a Christian, you are a spiritual leader.

So Caleb, why include him? He wasn’t a leader. Or was he?

Think about the storms in the world today or in your own life. How are you holding up? Did you hang in there anyway? Did you keep up your prayer life, your devotions, your faith?