Back to Normal? Daniel

Seven weeks and counting!

Daniel 1:3-4, 6

Daniel really had it going for him! But now, according to verse 3, Daniel had a new normal.

Serving King Nebuchadnezzar
Daniel interpreted dreams that the king had! Daniel 2:1-45, 4:4-33
Causing the King to praise God – Daniel 2:46-47, 4:34-37
and promote Daniel! Daniel 2:48-49

Then King Belshazzar
Daniel’s place as 3rd in the kingdom didn’t appear to last long, but he is brought before Belshazzar in Daniel 5:13-14
Daniel interprets a message from God, written on the wall during an out-of-control feast – Daniel 5:25-28
Causing the king to promote Daniel to 3rd in his kingdom as well! Daniel 5:29

Then Daniel serves King Darius
Daniel does so well he is about to be promoted to 2nd in Darius’ kingdom! Daniel 6:1-3
But, the lions’ den! Daniel 6:4-24
And God’s deliverance causes King Darius to worship God and decree that the whole kingdom worship God! Daniel 6:25-27

And Daniel continues to have success in leadership!

Let’s take a lesson from Daniel, maybe several!
His normal kept changing, but no matter what happened Daniel kept having success! How?

Daniel maintained his integrity, Daniel 1:8

He remembered his friends, Daniel 2:49

He was a man of prayer, Daniel 6:10 – awesome didn’t happen outside God’s divine direction

He never took credit for what God had done, was always careful to give God credit, Daniel 2:27-28, 5:17-18, 6:22 – and in doing so Daniel led kings to worship God!!!

And Daniel spoke whatever God gave him to say!